Is Twitter the right platform for your business?

POSTED ON: December 3, 2019 by Social Motion

The food truck industry has mostly the platform Twitter to thank for its rapid growth. It has allowed vendors to post real-time locations, new menu items, upcoming events and to get their client’s opinions through polls. 

Twitter is great for flash notices as well as personal, witty snippets that make you connect with your followers. Twitter is all about what is happening right now and is ideal for the food truck industry where they move shop to different locations daily and have daily specials or menu items changing regularly.

Food truck owners have utilised Twitter to further their reach and make their brand stand out, but does this apply to business marketing in South Africa? Do we have the followers to warrant efforts spent on this platform? Therein lies the conundrum; it looks like people are using it, so maybe we should as well? We need to focus more on the long and short term returns to really gauge the value of using Twitter for business marketing in South Africa. 

At the very least, here is a basic outline of the platform and what one could expect.


Humans connect with humans. 

The voice you use on social media reflects your brand. Just being yourself and letting your personality shine through will make people feel that the product they’re a fan of and can also relate to and feel it is also a friend of theirs. Don’t be afraid of using some humor in your posts. Everyone likes having a chuckle and will be more likely to share a post if it made them LOL. 

Interacting with your local followers.

With Twitter, you can choose which accounts you would like to receive post updates from. If you have your location settings on you’ll also get tweets from people close to you. The owner of the account will also get an immediate notification when someone likes or retweets their post. This way, one can quickly respond to followers. One can also get great input from followers by making use of polls to determine what products or services they want you to offer. Followers might also tweet about your “food truck”, while they are standing in line waiting to be served! By retweeting posts from followers, you also add to your credibility by getting your clients to vouch for your product.

Be Creative

If you want to stand out in the digital world – think outside the box! Food truckers have used all kinds of wacky and wonderful ways to ensure clients keep a close eye on their social media accounts. Wafels & Dinges, that sells Belgium Waffles in New York, sometimes tweet a command, and if a customer comes to the truck and does what they want them to do, they get a free topping. It might be imitating a parrot or looking up quirky facts. Customers are just too eager to get a freebie and it creates a fun way to encourage followers to keep a close eye on their social media accounts. Perhaps there is a lot to be learned from the Food Truckers in the USA? Maybe we should be looking at this platform to increase engagement in a more familiar and friendly way?

Every business is different and finding the best social media platform for your business can make or break your social media strategy. Twitter might work for food truckers, but it might not necessarily be the best platform to make your social media strategy shine and get the best return on investment. 

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