Interesting Facebook Tricks to improve your business profile

POSTED ON: October 12, 2019 by laurence

Hundreds of tricks exist for Facebook, but here are a few to give you an instantly improved profile and better customer retention:

Custom Username

When you first create your Facebook page, it will contain a bunch of numbers after and look a bit confusing. Having a custom username or user friendly URL makes it easier for customers to find and remember your page. Go to you page settings and click on Page Info. You can easily change your Page username (@username ) and many other settings here. Ideally your page username should contain your brand, keywords and/or location so its easier for users to find.


Facebook also allows users to send you messages directly through your page or by using a widget for your website. The messenger settings have some great sections for sending instant responses, creating appointments and showing a greeting. Go to your Facebook page and click on Settings. Click on Under Messaging Settings and navigate your way through these settings with a pro-active approach to making things easier for your customers.

Save Links to Read Later

Browsing through your Facebook feed will often present some useful or interesting posts to read. If you read each one then and there, before you know it you have spent valuable time without allocating it. Rather save posts for a reading session to gain some control over your time spent on social media. Facebook has a read later feature that lets you save posts and videos that you can access later. Click the ellipsis icon (three little dots on the top right corner) of the post you want to save and then click “Save Post” or “Save Video”. To access these posts later, expand the “Explore” menu and click on “Saved”.

Using the Facebook settings section, you can really improve your page, your appearance in searches and your pages score in Facebook’s algorithm. If you need help with setting up or improving your Facebook page, contact Social Motion.


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