5 Tips to Master Pinterest for your Business

POSTED ON: November 8, 2019 by Ilze

Mastering Pinterest for your business can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know the ropes. We have some crucial tips to help you master Pinterest to gain exposure for your business.

Build rich content 

You want to source and build a sizable amount of relevant content on your boards to showcase your products or services. We suggest a minimum of 10 boards that have 4-5 pins each.

Brand your Business

Make sure your business name is in your Pinterest account – whether it is the username or having your profile picture as your logo to create brand awareness. Use the about section in your profile to add a description of your business, but keep it short and sweet.

Like Other People’s Pins

Don’t be scared to support other businesses and profiles by liking a couple of their images on Pinterest. If you view some pins that look good, but have no relevance to your business, then give them a like but do not repin them. Don’t worry, the page that you liked will still be notified of your interaction and who knows, they might even repin or like a couple of your pins.

Use Keywords to get Search Results

Pinterest does not use hashtags any longer, they use keywords found in descriptions in order to easily find pins. So use selected relevant keywords in your descriptions in order for people to find you instantly.

Mentioning Other Pinterest Users

Like Facebook and Instagram, you mention someone using @ followed by their account name. The account holder will get a notification that you’ve mentioned them, so this is a great way to spread awareness of your brand and encourage engagement with other individuals and businesses. Keep in mind you may only mention the account if they are following you.

These are just a few fundamental tips and tricks to help kickstart your business’s presence on Pinterest. If you are not sure if Pinterest is the best platform for your business or need some assistance to get your business on and be seen on the digital highway – Contact Us today to find the best online marketing solution for your business.


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