3 Useful Marketing Tips for Instagram

POSTED ON: October 11, 2019 by Social Motion

There is a ton of information online and finding useful, insightful information can be difficult. We have prepared a short list of the most important tips to get you started out in the right direction on Instagram.

  1. Start with a plan: Having a clear strategy is probably one of the most important and overlooked tasks. Many businesses just start posting random information with the hopes that something will stick.
  2. Define your audience: Knowing who your ideal customer is will allow you to find similar pages and communities where they already feel at home and will happily like and follow your content.
  3. Be real: Don’t just post for the sake of posting. Be real to your followers and have something worth sharing.

They may seem like 3 simple points, but sticking to them will be hard.

Less is more in this case.


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